Slim Stario - A Star Is Born Physical Copy / Digital Download

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Slim Stario's debut album, A Star Is Born. Physical hard copy CD and Digital Download via Dropbox


  1. Intro - A Star Is Born
  2. Fah Shuggabear
  3. Business Man 
  4. Food 4 Thought
  5. Live My Life Today
  6. War 1-2 (feat. PGH City Boys)
  7. Hot Rods & Broads
  8. We Move As One (feat. Dyce)
  9. Pixburgh Gurls (feat. Dyce)
  10. Street Life: Chapter 1 "Fast Life"
  11. Street Life: Chapter 2 "Crack U.S."
  12. Street Life: Chapter 3 "The Yard"
  13. Fly Like An Eagle
  14. Ribbon In The Sky
  15. Take Me Home 
  16. Outro - A Star Is Born

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