Our Story: Root 28 Clothing

Roland A Blount and Philip D Blount

Root 28 Clothing started with a surprise birthday trip for my oldest son.
We were headed to Cali for a timeshare presentation.

By happenstance, our timeshare tour guide's birth name was Roland Blount.

It was "kismet".

Thus, the alter ego ‘Roland Blount’ was born, which later became Roland A Blount (pronounced Rolling A Blunt), and Roland's father is Philip D Blount (pronounced Fill Up D Blunt).

Ideas sparked, and on Sept 28th, we coined the phrase "Zipsburgh", which inspired another idea, Root 28 Clothing. Zipsburgh and Root 28 are an homage and pun for our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and its notorious highway Route 28.

Once we learned the inner workings of fashion we learned cotton is bad for the environment. We came to a fork in the road with Capitalism to the left and Eco-Friendly to the right.

We chose what is right and left capitalism

We also carved our own path and our own fate, not left not right we drove straight.

Our focus is quality and product differentiation.

Root 28 Clothing wanted to make sure our brand was made from quality materials but also good for the Eco-system. There are four essentials in life: food, clothing, shelter and medicine. We learned that Cannabis and Hemp can be used for all four necessities.

We had no staff, just a father and son with a goal to provide the essential items in life at an affordable price. Starting a clothing brand is like gardening it takes patience and attentiveness.

The bottom line is you help the ecosystem and look "fresher than a peppermint" in Root 28 Clothing. It is a win win please tell a friend to tell a friend.

1 Root become 2 Roots
2 Roots become 4 Roots
and 4 Roots become More Roots

Root 28 Clothing