Root 28 Clothing selected for "Get Online Grow Online small business program

Posted by Philip D. Blount on

Congratulations! Root 28 Clothing was selected to participate in the Get Online and Grow Online program.
Goal of the Program: The goal is to enhance your ability to reach your customers, expand your customer base and/or increase your online sales. 
Your Role:This program has limited resources and can only offer up to five hours of free assistance by a professional digital services provider. As such, prior to meeting with your provider, we are asking you to: 
Think strategically about your priorities for what you would like to achieve. While your provider will do their best to position you to succeed, you will need to supply them with background, content, data, etc. 
Review some of the following material to acquaint yourself with the basics of eCommerce, online marketing, etc. to help you to think through which opportunities you would like to pursue. 
Please be responsive, and follow the guidance that your provider will give. 93 firms applied for this program and only 45 were selected. 

Listen to your goals,
Help you distill that to a discrete set of objectives,
Give you the guidance and tools necessary to achieve them.

THANK YOU URA, Neighborhood Allies, and Red Tree Web Design